Water Leak Detection

Plumbing leak detection is one of our specialties. We perform thousands of hydrostatic pressure tests each year. Our licensed plumbers are experts at finding leaks in fresh water lines and sewer lines.  In fact several top foundation repair companies refer their clients to us daily.

Slab Leak Repair

  • Homes built on a large concrete pad or slab usually have plumbing pipes installed underneath the slab. When the plumbing pipes under a slab start leaking, it is often called a slab leak.
  • Leaking Pipes under a slab foundation are a serious condition. Slab leaks need to be addressed quickly as this may lead to more serious damage.
  • Indicators of a leaking pipe under a concrete foundation: higher water bill, Pooling or water leaking inside your home, or heaving of floor

Pipe Leak Repair

Piper Plumbing will advise you on the extent of the leak and the required repair. In many cases, the leak is in one area and will require access through the floor or a tunnel under from the outside. Either way, we repair concrete when necessary so you are ready to reset or repair the floor covering.

Supply Line Replacement

A home with an older plumbing system may have deteriorating supply lines with multiple leaks. At some point, repairs become difficult and replacement is necessary. In these situations our years of experience replacement complete systems is helpful as we work around the foundation as much as possible to lessen the overall impact on your home and family.

Gas Line Leak Detection

A Gas Leak, or Natural Gas Leak, in your Dallas area home or business is a significant and potentially dangerous situation – a real DFW Plumbing Emergency. After your local Gas Company determined the area safe, often they will direct customers to call a licensed plumber to repair a gas leak, when it is the homeowners responsibility. For expert gas line repairs, call us today for a Free Estimate!

Gas Line Installation and Repair

Piper plumbing tests, repairs, and installs new gas lines. For a simple leak or major replacement, our expert services at a fair price equals a great value for you and the peace of mind that comes with hiring a licensed plumber.

Plumbing License: RMP License # M-43149