Choosing the Perfect Showerhead

By September 18, 2018Uncategorized

An invigorating shower can get your day off to the right start.  Do not start your day on the wrong foot by continuing to work a leaky pressure less shower head.  Whether you are getting to remodel or simply ready for something new, here are a few easy guidelines to help you find the best showerhead for your home.

Fixed Showerheads – These are your typical showerhead that is mounted permanently to the wall of the shower unit.  If you are working on a budget or want a simple update, this is the best choice for you.  You can change a wall mounted head simply by unscrewing the existing part and screwing on a new one.  To prevent any possible leaks, use a pair or pliers or lubricant to help loosen things up.
Hand-Held Showerheads – These are connected to the wall by a flexible tube or hose, allowing a range of motion depending on length.  Control can be provided by a three to six foot hose, and help perform multiple tasks, from bathing kids or the dog to washing your hair.  These shower heads can be loaded with extra features like twin turbo massage jets and six spray patterns but expect the price to also increase.

Showerheads with Hand Showers – If you cannot decide whether you want a fixed or handheld showerhead, consider a 2-in-1 unit where the handheld unit is attached to the fixed showerhead.

Some other showerheads focus their features more on being energy saving or the spray pattern.   For energy saving, look for showerheads that have a WaterSense label to save water and money.  The low-flow showerheads use less water than the standard model.  Also remember to check the standardized pressure of your home. Not every home has the water pressure as high as 80 psi and you would hate to spend extra for features not accessible to your home.   In regards to spray patterns, you can choose a wide coverage that feels like a drenching rain and is ideal for everyday use or a targeted pattern producing a sharp spray that’s ideal for sore muscles.

If the water pressure is not as important as being able to sing along to music while taking your shower, be sure to consider a showerhead with a built-in wireless speaker.  Look into your options and if you prefer the assistance of a professional, be sure to call Piper Plumbing.